Strategy #3 Omonia Square

Today the Guerrilla Optimists attempted to dream in Omonia Square. Just after a mother found refuge in heroin while her dirty toddler son played by her side, and just before the communist demonstration closed down traffic in the square, we lay on this neglected ground to affirm the possibility of collective dreaming.

This is the report from Alexandros Georgiou:

Dreamers, ? was overjoyed meeting you at Omonia this morning.

I felt when we lay down and took a nap that we connected to the earth in a humane and profound way,

The dirty sidewalk, I realized, is not dirty- such a confusion what dirt is, such a confusion what is clean in our society.

In Varanasi, bathing in the holy waters of Gangaji, there was a similar feeling to the one I had lying down with you at the square.

The common element is the realization that reality is not a one-dimensional existence based on accepted values.
In Varanasi, despite the warnings of the guidebooks and despite the pollution, there is true bliss in the waters of Gangaji,

and on the surface of the square,
as we were lying there I noticed how gentle the earth is, how comforting the sense of abandoning our selves to the humble
and to the dirty aspects of our structured lives freeslotscentral.

How fake our lives are, and how blessed I felt we were that we had the chance to lie down at the heart of Athens and announce the importance
of dreaming to the cement and to the people, to Athinas street, to the children and the sun.
I will never forget the two boys, the best audience of our manifesto.

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