SILHOUETTE CITY: Special Edition DVD now Available

This edition includes a post-screening panel discussion held at UCSD’s Price Theater as well as a segment of the London-based television series CinePolitics that featured a review and discussion of Silhouette City ($25).

It is also available as an Educational Package ( Special Edition Institutional DVD and companion text/study guide, A Kingdom at Any Cost: Right-Wing Visions of Apocalypse in America (see description below)

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A KINGDOM AT ANY COST includes interviews, essays, documents and details not covered in the film – further exploring the nature and scope of reactionary American apocalypticism. Included are contributions from Jessica Stern (Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government), Chris Hedges (journalist and author of War is a Force that Gives Us Meaning), Michelle Goldberg (journalist and author of Kingdom Coming), Chip Berlet (recognized expert on conspiracy theory and right-wing militancy), Robert J. Lifton (Harvard professor of Psychiatry), Melinda Morton (former Air Force Chaplain), Jean Rosenfeld (expert on new religious movements), Reverend Ed Bacon (Rector of All Saints Church, Pasadena), Ben Ehrenreich (journalist and author of The Suitors) and others.

“Here’s what we find different about the recent rise of militant Christian activism in the United States: its aggressive populism tinged with violence, and its ability to imagine the great struggle of religious conflict taking place physically and politically in a contemporary social milieu. Christian soldiers, in this sense, are real warriors, not just symbols of an imaginary battle only in the soul.” – from the foreword to A Kingdom at Any Cost by Mark Juergensmeyer (Director of the Orfalea Center for Global and International Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara)

“One of the most original, entertaining and penetrating portrayals of the Christian Right in the throes of apocalyptic paranoia. Those seeking to understand the movement’s future should look no further.” – Max Blumenthal, The Nation Institute

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