San Francisco Theatrical Premiere

September 11 – 17 at The Roxie Film Center

Advance tickets available here

from the SF Bay Guardian:

“Named for an urban-warfare training camp established by radical Christian group the Covenant, the Sword, and the Arm of the Lord in the 1980s, Michael W. Wilson’s doc traces a historical thru-line from that group to apocalypse-anticipating 21st century Evangelicals. They’ve come a long way from simply isolating themselves in the backwoods with weapons stockpiles; these days, they’re in positions of political power, or are best-selling authors, or oversee enormous congregations. In some cases, they’re all three at once. The first act of Silhouette City is full of vintage footage of the Covenant, the Sword, and the Arm of the Lord’s culty goings-on, which are so fascinating that Wilson probably could’ve made an entire documentary on just that subject, especially with former church member Kerry Noble as a featured talking head.”

from the Bay Area Reporter:

“Okay, here’s the bump. Fundamentalist Christians are behind nearly everything evil in America. Biased? You betcha! Friday, Sept. 11, Silhouette City begins its run at the Roxie Film Center. The disturbing documentary exposes apocalyptic Christian nationalists, aka Dominionists, aka the far-rightwing sect of our former president, the power-mad Christians determined to destroy the planet, because God said so.”

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