“Interspersed with images of the LA landscape; lonely, desolate, and barely familiar as the great sprawling metropolis most know only as home to the film and television industry.” – Chuck Mobley, SF Camerawork

In Islands, we are introduced to a diverse group of Los Angeles casting-call respondents. These isolated individuals are left alone with the camera to unearth (imagined or real) a story that invokes sadness. The film reveals the ‘performance’ of storytellings unique relationship to truth, memory and each individuals subjective life experiences. These voices are woven into the L.A. landscape to create a portrait of geographical, cultural and psychological longing and dislocation. Unable to verify the “truth” we are alternately spectators and empathetic confidantes.

Offering an unscripted look at human and cultural complexity, while revealing shared fears, desires, loneliness, uncertainty, and needs for connection, Islands bears witness to vulnerability by inviting us to shed the preconceptions and quick judgments all too common to our cultural moment.