4-channel installation based on a 60-minute performance at the former site of Spahn Ranch (Chatsworth, CA)– a one-time shooting location for Hollywood westerns. 4 performers (strangers asked to perform after only a brief moment of informal contact) stand upright in a diamond formation. Each holds a gun pointed at the person/player located opposite them for a duration of sixty minutes without reprieve. The installation reconstructs the filmed configuration–substituting four rear-projection screen representations of the original performers. Because of the length of the performance and the necessary concentration needed to maintain the pose, we witness each larger-than-life projected figure’s tension turn to a settled and meditative pose. Players opposite one another remain in a fixed gaze and nonverbal cues become apparent over the course of the hour just before sunset, when light fades into darkness. The viewer, caught in an extended “draw”, becomes acutely aware of the extended moment before conflict, and how passions can become tempered over time.