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YO + OS sitting in an elsewhere-place

they are sitting at a carpet –

down the carpet is water –

around them is space –

a brick wall is wandering around – depending on the talk-content


YO: > I will go to sleep now.


the brick wall appears in the back of OS


OS: > are you already tired?


YO looking to OS with the wall in its back — some bricks are moving in the wall — YO rubs the eyes


YO: > not at all – but my mind is  >> my body has to rest – that my mind can come down


YO makes a step into the water


OS: > can´t you do this while sitting with me here – while I am sitting beside you


YO: > sorry – but the carpet has a certain pattern


OS: > are you sure?


the brick wall bends over OS and slips into the carpet… the water comes throughout the carpet


YO wants to run away


strong and cautious voice of OS (without moving the lips): > don´t run away – look at the pattern, you were talking about


YO looks into it – it becomes a burning city – 100.000 humans running out of the city over the fields – the fields become dessert – people did not use water to extinguish – they did not see their potentials – they are running all the earth to dessert – they are running one over the other – into death


once more the voice of OS (like minutes before)

OS: > are you sure?

OS: > can´t you be with me here – while I am beside you


YO is running with them all – with the herd – focusing the (backside) face of the beforehand woman – her body in extremely vibration of running and fear – the earring in her left ear is vibrating too – and moves out the pierced earlobe


once more the voice of OS

OS: > are you sure?

OS: > are n´t you able – just to relax – being happy – being here – being with me – being with others – what makes you fear?


YO can see the earring falling in slow motion – YO sees all the lost wishes for love of the woman


YOs body stars to bend (like the brick wall before) – – same time “virtual knowing” – the crowd will run over everybody switching the movement ….


YO receives the earring in the open hand – by calling “Madam – Madam – I saved your wishes”


YO is standing at a carpet – an earring in the open hand


invisible OS


water is running somewhere


sun comes into the room


YO opens a window – holding the hand into sunlight


the earring turns into a shiny water drop of all colours reflecting the human face

– as well as earth and heaven

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