A Ritual of Recovery (@ HCA Open Studios)


Three experimental vocalists practice an act of deep listening, embodiment, amplification, interpretation and collaborative improvisation in a collective gesture at the edge of the Pacific.



LOCATION: Headlands Center for the Arts – Studio Building 960 (back deck) adjacent to Nike Missile Site SF-88  – DIRECTIONS

DATE/TIME: Sunday, April 13th @ 1:30PM

PERFORMERS: David Katz, Danishta Rivero, Sarah Elena Palmer


David Katz (Foreignfire) is a singer and composer who improvises in solo voice, with no instruments or processing, unfolding sensitive conversations between voice and space.

Danishta Rivero (Voicehandler, Blood Wedding, Aghora) is a musician/sound artist who specializes in the Hydrophonium (a water-based electro-acoustic percussion instrument), extended vocal techniques, and digital processing.

Sarah Elena Palmer (EFFT, Lutra Lutra) is a songwriter and a vocal improviser – tending towards playful and emotional tones – who often uses analog-electronic processing to adjust the spacial/textural context of her sounds.



OCEANIA: Encounters at the Edge

A film exploration of cultural, psychological and ecological phenomena along Pacific shorelines, beginning at the intersection of the International Date Line and the Equator—on the Island Republic of Kiribati.

OCEANIA is fiscally-sponsored by the International Documentary Association (IDA) 501(C3) located in Los Angeles. Wilson and Zimmerman are currently affiliate artists at Headlands Center for the Arts, located in Sausalito, California.


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